The Almost Gone

The Almost Gone
Sound design + soundtrack + FMOD

Available for PC, iOs, Android and Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Happy Volcano

“When you first launch The Almost Gone, you are greeted with a screen that tells you that the game is best played with headphones — and it really is. Sound is an absolutely crucial part of the experience, hence the earlier comparison to Hellblade. Ominous and oppressive, the ambient noises and soundtrack will put you on edge as you try to solve puzzles to progress. In some scenes, for example, the low bass rumble doesn’t let up, filling you with anxiety and dread. The sound design also evokes the environments as you navigate. That low bass rumble? A particular favourite indoors, hammering home the environment’s claustrophobic nature.” (

“The art and the puzzles of The Almost Gone are fine on their own, but what brings this package together is its music. Composer and sound designer Yves De Mey has arranged an outstanding audial experience that managed to put a little fear into me the further I progressed into this family’s history. I was on my toes for the entirety of the fourth chapter as De May’s music took what I was looking at on the screen and effectively transformed it from an unusual dream into a full-blown nightmare. It’s simply phenomenal.”(