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“Lichtung” out now on Line/12k

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

I’m proud and happy to announce my new album “Lichtung” is available now on Line/12k.


The sound work Lichtung is the original score for a dance solo by choreographers Antoine Effroy and Anne Rudelbach and performed by Catherine Jodoin. The performance premiered on March 26, 2008 at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany.

The concept of the dance performance was to begin from a unique situation and sustain this physical state as long as possible.
By adding unique and non-repetitive movements, the choreography slowly evolves, starting at the back of the stage and gradually moving towards the front, as if by zooming inward. The sound follows this evolution or curve, not necessarily in volume, but rather by changes in density and speed to accompany the performer’s phrase changes.

Lichtung was written and composed in Brussels, Belgium and Hamburg, Germany by Yves De Mey.
Photo: Yves De Mey, 2008.
Thank you: Anne and Antoine, Catherine, Peter Van Hoesen, Richard Chartier
Mastered by Bo Kondren at Calyx (Berlin)

For more info and shop, go here.

While there, check out the other releases on Line/12k.

And once again, a big thank you to Richard Chartier and Taylor Deupree for supporting this work.

What’s going on?

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

It’s been a while, but here’s a little update on what’s going on.

Some time ago i finished my part of the soundtrack for “Linkeroever” by Pieter Van Hees, soon in a movie theater near you.

Other music for that movie was done by Simon Lenski, and in the meantime he and i started talking about getting some more work done together.

Right now i’m working on the score for a dance solo by Antoine Effroy and Anne Rudelbach, performed by Catherine Jodoin, premiering at the end of the month at Kampnagel – Hamburg.

I’m thinking about and hoping to release that score, but i still didn’t figure out where and how.

I’m also making a bit of music for a new dance solo by Claudio Bernardo, soon to be premiered too.

And it seems i found the right energy again to spend (even) more time in the studio, working on some new solo stuff and i recently enjoyed being in the studio again with Peter Van Hoesen.

Soon i’ll start working on a new piece by Inne Goris/Zeven. Still not really clear about what exactly i’m going to do…

The Time Code Matter 2 performance with Audiostore turned out to be successful too. A good crowd, a nice venue with nice people and a superb programming.

In between all this i’ve been enjoying the latest Autechre and “Film”, Stefan Németh’s solo-album.

That’s basically it for now, thanks for reading!