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What’s going on?

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

It’s been a while, but here’s a little update on what’s going on.

Some time ago i finished my part of the soundtrack for “Linkeroever” by Pieter Van Hees, soon in a movie theater near you.

Other music for that movie was done by Simon Lenski, and in the meantime he and i started talking about getting some more work done together.

Right now i’m working on the score for a dance solo by Antoine Effroy and Anne Rudelbach, performed by Catherine Jodoin, premiering at the end of the month at Kampnagel – Hamburg.

I’m thinking about and hoping to release that score, but i still didn’t figure out where and how.

I’m also making a bit of music for a new dance solo by Claudio Bernardo, soon to be premiered too.

And it seems i found the right energy again to spend (even) more time in the studio, working on some new solo stuff and i recently enjoyed being in the studio again with Peter Van Hoesen.

Soon i’ll start working on a new piece by Inne Goris/Zeven. Still not really clear about what exactly i’m going to do…

The Time Code Matter 2 performance with Audiostore turned out to be successful too. A good crowd, a nice venue with nice people and a superb programming.

In between all this i’ve been enjoying the latest Autechre and “Film”, Stefan Németh’s solo-album.

That’s basically it for now, thanks for reading!