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Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Dear all,

It’s been rather quiet on the mailing front lately, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened.  The second half of 2010 got eaten by finishing a new album (is it really finished….?), a lot of sound design and mixing work for movies and documentaries and leaving Brussels to settle in Antwerp.

If all goes well, this year will bring the release of a new album (no release date yet) with a stylish visual design by my partner on so many levels Nathalie Kronal.  Following this release we’ll put together an A/V liveset.

Together with Peter Van Hoesen, i continue to work as Sendai.  If time allows, this will result in a full album as well.

And it’s very likely a lot of other things will happen, some other collaborations are waiting to happen, and there’s a lot of music and sound i want to get out of my system.

Last year i particularly enjoyed my collaboration with Els Viaene.  We had the opportunity to perform live, combining field recordings with analogue modular synthesis.  Definitely a project that we’ll continue doing.

Hots, a basque online experimental radio station is hosting an excerpt from one of the rehearsals Els and i recorded.  You can find it here.

That’s it for now.  Wishing you all the best for this year.  And stay in touch.