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RIP Pete Namlook

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Shocking to hear Pete Namlook/Kuhlmann passed away.  I remember listening to his work in the early 90’s when i was experimenting with ambient tracks.  At that time, i think Pete Namlook, Biosphere and Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works 2 where the most influential to me.  Countless hours were spent (and not wasted) on dreaming away while listening to his music, in the solitude of my bedroom when my parents and brother were asleep.  Those were the days when at every rave there was a chill-out room (often hosted by Katrien Clausing of Apollo – R&S), and Namlook’s tracks were on every dj’s playlist.  I think i’ve always preferred those rooms while the majority of my friends were going nuts in the main room (which is by all means justified).

Anyways, i hope Pete is in a good place, if any.  Checked in on a cosmic level for sure.

Too many great tracks, hard to pick one.  But this one with Geir Jenssen on Apollo is close to perfect.







Sleep tight Pete, and thank you for making me soundly fall asleep  many many times.