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Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Just a quick note to say farewell to 2012 and welcome 2013.  It’s been a highly special year, obviously because of the birth of our lovely daughter.  It did put everything even more into perspective, which is most of the time a good thing.

Other things that made it so special was a birth of another kind, being the release of Sendai’s first full album Geotope.  Peter and i took our time to get this one done, and putting the album out gave us a good kick in the butt.  We were lucky to play shows at great festivals like CTM in Berlin and Mutek in Montreal, but we’re equally grateful for the smaller organizations that booked us (Resonance Ghent, Bozar Electronic Music Festival).  And there’s more to come; next week Saturday we’ll play at Unit in Tokyo, thanks to Mindgames, the same people who set up the amazing Labyrinth festival.

And a big Sendai thank you goes to Stroboscopic Artefacts for inviting us to contribute to the beautiful Stellate series.

Regarding my solo work, i had a rather busy year as well.  Most of that music will be released in 2013, but it’s on its way for sure.  Expect some more remixes and proper EP and album work in the next months.  There’s been quite a few requests to produce for certain labels, and i can’t wait to get my hands dirty.  In the meantime, i hope you’ve already spend your hard-earned cash on Modal Analysis.  And not only on the Sawf release with my remix on it.  Those peeps deserve your attention, full stop.  Next in line is a remix i did for Valanx (Arne Weinberg) on Sonuous.

Besides having fun producing, i thoroughly enjoyed spending time, be it in person or via one or the other social network with a bunch of people.  Without wanting to namedrop, there’s some guys i really want to thank for their relentless support and or inspiration; Martin and Lucia (Pokk!, Mono-log: you’ve cost me a lot of money Martin, but i don’t regret buying the G2), Finn Albertson (Sonuous) who’s enthusiasm shines brighter than the sun, Andreas (404 is a killer) Tilliander , Richard Chartier, Rob Curgenven (i wish you a church of your own), Miles and Sean Demdike Stare (the lads with a plan), Andy Stott, obviously Peter Van Hoesen, Raf Sensu (who should move back to Belgium), Valentijn (who owns a lot of gear i want), Powell (love your dog pictures), and of course my lady Nathalie, who rocks in every possible way.  And i probably forgot a few, sorry about that.

And then there’s all of you.  Keep listening, keep pushing the envelope, keep your ears and eyes open, stay full of wonder, and probably most important of all, take good care of yourselves.

Enough rambling, back to work!