A small Sendai round-up

On March 26 2012, Time to Express will release Sendai‘s Geotope.  Sendai is Peter Van Hoesen and Yves De Mey.

In the meantime, please go to the Geotope microsite.  You can subscribe to our mailing list and enter a Geotope competition.

As of today, you can get an idea of what we do visually by visiting the T2X YouTube channel.

There’s also an album preview (pre-listen rather…)



And some time ago we premiered our Geotope live set at Berghain (Berlin) for Club Transmediale.  Here’s an excerpt of that gig:


We’re totally chaotically funky on our proper website right here as well.


Last but not least, on April 7 2012, we’ll be doing our Geotope live mayhem at Resonance Ghent.  We’re sharing stage with Oubys and Kangding Ray.  For more info, please go to the Resonance website.








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