Altitude 1000

Altitude 1000 reunites the Brussels audiovisual scene by combining and
opening up the Foton and Cimatics Platform networks. Open to every kind of
Brussels-linked artist who combines audio and visuals in intriguing ways,
the Altitude1000 DVD compilation and festival at Recyclart present the
first fruits of this collaboration.

The Altitude 1000 festival is the first in a series of events that brings
together the Brussels audiovisual scene. Altitude1000 aims to reunite
locally and promote internationally, those artist that have given proof of
the unique atmosphere and creative environment in Brussels.

The DVD will be officially presented during the festival, which takes
place at Recyclart from December 9 until December 16 2006. The Altitude
1000 website provides detailed information on both the DVD and the

Altitude 1000 is supported by the Vlaamse Gemeenschap and the Vlaamse

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