Eavesdropper DJ-set + Levon Vincent & Roger 23 @ Manna’s Night Session

If you’re into a decent amount of technoid action, you might consider camping in Brussels this weekend.

On Friday night, Café Walvis hosts another loaded night musically framed by Eavesdropper, blending all styles of straightforward electronic constructions, crossfading between atmospheric layers, dub-influenced slow motion and downright techno.

It’s strongly recommend not to use all of your energy that night, because you might need some for Manna‘s Night Session with Levon Vincent and Roger 23 at Bota Bar, supported by Sensu & MCK.  In Manna’s own words: “Mark the first of August in your calendars, write down ‘Midsummer Madness’, because that is exactly what Manna is going to offer you with the Belgian debut of Levon Vincent, straight from New York, and our favourite starchild Roger 23”.

So, plenty on offer for you, your ears, tummies and legs.


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