New Timecast by Franco Cangelli

We’re happy to announce the 5th episode in our Timecast series.  For this edition we could rely on one of Belgium’s finest DJ’s and producers Franco Cangelli.

Franco’s music collection spans a big amount of genres, and although most of the time you might find him spinning classy and deep Techno and House, for our Timecast he opted for a slightly complicated selection (in dancefloor terms).

The way he puts it: “In every style you can find this niche of records that are too “different” or too “difficult” for the average listener.
I guess what I wanted to propose with this mix is exaclty this kind of niche in techno that’s unfit for dancefloors.
The kind of techno that people probably won’t call techno, the kind of techno people would call dull and I guess the kind of techno that you’d better not bring with you on a gig unless you like empty dancefloors, the kind of techno you experience on your own away from the sweaty crowds who unknowingly perform their usual mating rituals, the kind of techno you close your eyes to because it can only exist in your head.”


So, don’t hesitate and hit the Timecast page right here.

While we’re at it: to hear Mr. Cangelli in his dancefloor outfit, there’s a hot mix of his online at Glowcast.


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