Some thoughts before diving in

Within a few hours i’ll leave on a trip that means a lot to me.  Without wanting to sound too cheesy, it’s really a dream that comes true.  Being fascinated by electronic music i’ve always known i had to make it to Japan.  And here it is.

But making your own music is only one parameter for making it outside the (bedroom) studio.  Another gigantic parameter is the support you get from like-minded people who push you further and further, people who, just for the love of music, make enormous efforts to make sure you end up in the right place to share your work.

That’s why i felt the need to post this little message, to thank the people who are involved in my Labyrinth festival appearance and my gig in Tokyo.  And also a big thank you to the peeps who are involved on a mental level.

So, maximum respect goes out to Peter Van Hoesen, Russ, Chris at Mnml Ssgs and Yuri for all the energy related to Labyrinth and to Sylvain Chaveau, Nao Sugimoto, Yukitomo Hamasaki, Hideho Takemasa and Dela Toru for my concert at Moire.

Drinks on me!

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