Offical promo for Klimat

Yves De Mey/Eavesdropper and Christoph De Boeck/Audiostore present their second collaboration, a further elaboration of Time Code Matter, a spatialized music performance that premiered at the “Concertgebouw” in Bruges in 2005. In Klimat, as well as in their own individual work, they explore the organic qualities of minuscule audio structures. The sonic texture connects with electronic forms of nature. The sound of Time Code Matter was established by and through the reflection of sound in the vast empty hall of the “Concertgebouw”, with the audience seated on stage.

This time, Audiostore and Eavesdropper wish to surround the audience in a more direct and confrontational fashion. People will stay within a circle of 8 loudspeakers where each individual can choose his point of view and of listening. Klimat builds a space where the musicians shape conditions and define atmosphere.

Next year , Eavesdropper and Audiostore will create an audio-performance with metal surfaces, vibrating and resonating along with the composition. The circular set-up for Klimat is a study for this bigger production.

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