A ton of info: new Timecast, Cimatics, theater and dance productions….

Quite a week at the Knobsounds headquarters with a bunch of different outlets for all kinds of music.

There’s a new episode in our Timecast series. This time, we fully dedicate the mix to the Cimatics festival. The Cimatics people have been following our series since day one, and they kindly asked us to do something that relates to the festival. So here it is: Eavesdropper came up with a slow moving mix covering his favorites from the festival’s line-up, blending sound experiments and straightforward dance floor music.
For more info and downloads (you might as well check previous episodes) go to our Timecast page.

While we’re at it: please check the Cimatics festival website: they’ve cooked up a beautiful bill with a wide selection of video art, audio visual livesets, concerts, DJ-sets, performances….. Your Time to Express servants had a bit of a say in the programming as well, resulting in a full-on Time to Express night at Recylart and helping out with the closing night at Fuse with Norman Nodge and Donato Dozzy.

We’ll inform you about all this in-depth next week , but it’s worth buying tickets in advance for the festival’s activities. Limited capacity and a superb line-up.


Last week Saturday, Wonderland, a theater performance made by Skagen and co-produced by HetPaleis premiered.  Wonderland, a play for young teenagers and fresh grown-ups is loosely based on Alice in Wonderland, but it stages the story in a more contemporary environment.  The sound design and the original music were produced by Eavesdropper.  If you happen to be around Antwerp, try to see it.  All info right here.


On November 11, “Nachtevening/Equinox” premieres in Ghent – Belgium.  A rather dark and fascinating rendition of a dialogue based on the Medea story by Euripides.  The music, written by Eavesdropper is brought to you by a 7 piece choir, accompanied by rumbling drones, guitar and analogue hiss.

For more info, dates and tickets, please go here.

For starters, here’s a small trailer.


And last but not least, on Tuesday 17, L’Assaut des Cieux premiers in Mons – Belgium.  Choreographer Claudio Bernardo brings a story about the human condition, hope and limitations.  The original score was composed and produced by Eavesdropper, but the piece also features music performed by Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles and sung by Elise Gabele.

For more info and reservations, please go here.

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