Time to Express + friends at Cimatics Festival

It’s hard to describe how much we’re looking forward to the coming weekend.

Together with the Cimatics Festival, Time to Express cooked up 2 days filled to the rim with producers and DJ’s who connect on various levels.

On Friday 27, T2X hosts a night at Recyclart-Brussels with Function, Sendai (live), Peter Van Hoesen, Sensu and Eavesdropper.

Function (Sandwell District: US): One of techno’s true underground heroes, Function has been DJing and making music for over 15 years.  Since his arrival in Berlin in December 2007, he hit the ground running when his EP ‘Isolation’ came out the day he landed and earned him DJ Mag record of the month.  Since, everything seems to have followed suit. Working with Regis  he set up the acclaimed Sandwell District imprint. After several acclaimed releases it’s little wonder that  Sandwell was recently featured as label of the month on Resident Advisor.  A few months ago he played a jaw dropping 3 hour live/DJ-set at the Japanese Labyrinth festival, making a couple thousand people go totally mental.  Must hear!

Sendai (Time to Express: BE): Sendai is Peter Van Hoesen and Eavesdropper, joining forces to blend their common interests in Techno and experimental sound layouts. Analog circuitry, deep digital manipulation and a serious amount of fierce drum programming combined with generative visuals make for a sensory overload aimed at upper and lower parts of the body. Both audio and visual aspects are equally important in their live setup. ‘Sustaining The Chain’, their first emission on Time To Express, was heralded by Boomkat as “a mightily impressive piece of modulating techno”. The duo continues to push forward into experimental techno territory, with a new track upcoming on Time To Express and a debut album lined up for 2010. Sustaining the chain, indeed.

Peter Van Hoesen (Time to Express, Komisch: BE): When it comes down to combining the best of many musical worlds, Peter Van Hoesen can say he’s been doing it for a while now. Deeply rooted in the Belgian electronic music scene as DJ and producer, he is considered by many as a man with multiple musical talents: from straight-up dancefloor jackin’ techno to advanced abstract electronica. Peter’s techno sound is best described as bass-heavy, 6 am warehouse music, the trademark sound of his very own Time To Express imprint. With a sharp ear for new sounds and scenes his musical approach is distinctly forward looking, while strongly connected to a deep knowledge of electronic dance music’s rich past.

Sensu (Manna, Plain: BE): For years a solid part of the Brussels underground electronic music scene, Sensu’s intense and eclectic DJ-sets incorporate elements from all sides of the electronic music spectrum and beyond. Having shared the stage with many big names from the scene, his take on DJing is still focused on playing the unexpected and not caring about trends or hypes.

Eavesdropper (Knobsounds, Line, T2X: BE): Eavesdropper aka Yves De Mey is known for a wide range of musical activities. Making scores and doing sound design for performing arts and movies, electro-acoustic concerts with cello players, minimalistic experiments (for instance his “Lichtung” release on Line/12k), lengthy DJ-sets blending dub and techno…. At Cimatics he will open the night behind the decks as a warm up for the rest of the mayhem.

On Saturday 28, the Cimatics Festival asked T2X to invite artists for the festival’s closing party at Brussels’ most renowned club Fuse. Again a good reason to shop amongst friends, resulting in a tight bill with Norman Nodge and Donato Dozzy.

Norman Nodge (Ostgut Ton, T2X: DE): For Norman Nodge making music is not the business that has to feed him, but a thing of the heart. He’s a berlin-based family father, lawyer and producer and dj and one of the local residents of the Berlin club Berghain, so you know what to expect: tight, firm and deep.

Donato Dozzy (Aquaplano, T2X, Dozzy Records,…: IT): Dozzy has honed a unique style over many years of DJing, a history which has included residential stints at Brancaleone in Rome since year 99 and the Panoramabar in Berlin, where he was the afterhours specialist from 2004 to 2006. As producer, after his early work with the Kitchentools (Virgin, 2001), Donato has been acclaimed by the specialty press and professionals in the field thanks to the records made for Berlin’s Orangegroove, Lan Muzic, Roman’s Elettronica Romana, Dozzy Records, Rayliard Rec, Wagon Repair, Mental Groove, Geophone records, Persona Records and now, on brand new “Aguaplano”, a platform he just founded with his friend Nuel. D. currently resides in his Wonderland.

And of course, before and after, the Fuse residents Deg and Pierre.

For info and tickets, please go to the Cimatics Festival’s website.

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