New Timecast by Andreas Tilliander

We’re extremely happy we could have long time acquaintance Andreas Tilliander (Sweden) doing an episode of our Timecast series.
Already since his first releases, it was clear Andreas’ music is a universe on its own.  Under different monikers (Mokira, Rechord, Lowfour and his real name) he released a wide range of styles, from downtempo acid and highly danceable techno over vast ambient landscapes to early 3rd millennium glitch and clicks ‘n’ cuts.

His music found its way to numerous renowned labels like Raster Noton, Audio NL, Mille Plateaux, Type and many more.  When you get the chance to see him perform live, prepare for an exciting set where he combines elements from any of his styles into one beautifully mastered relentless flow of deep sounds and manicured rhythms.

On top of that he’s a top fellow to hang out with, adding an extra human quality to his work.

For the Timecast mix, Andreas came up with a splendid selection of mostly synthesizer based music, proof of his love for electronic music of all kinds.

You can find more info about him at and

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  1. chris Says:

    nice timing. found his old mille plateaux LP on sale last night. lovely stuff.

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