Christmas special winter mix for mnml ssgs

I was invited to do this year’s mnml ssgs winter mix/Christmas special.  It was with great pleasure i plunged into my ambient-experimental-drone collection to come up with a combination of tracks that leads you through the cold moments, makes you glide and slide in tranquility and beats the solitude or brings you closer together.

A special thanks to Chris at mnml ssgs for giving me this bandwidth slot.

Find the mix and extra info here.

Enjoy, and stay warm.

2 Responses to “Christmas special winter mix for mnml ssgs”

  1. Morgan Yew Says:

    Any chance of a tracklist? by now, spelling it out will be like Dawkins publishing “Unweaving the Rainbow.”

    Either way, this definitely affected the holiday season for me here in Toronto. Thank you for the mix, and to mnmlssg for hosting.

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Morgan,

    Thanks for your kind words. And the tracklist is online as of today:

    Best wishes


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