RIP Thierry Berleur+Sensu & Yves De Mey DJ-set

Dear all,

This weekend, Thierry Berleur passed away.  Thierry was the founding father of Le Bonheur, the best music shop in Brussels.  He was a man with a heart for good music, art and people, and his adventurous mind inspired a lot of people.  Thierry never hesitated to promote local talent and to share his knowledge in a very sweet way.  I’m especially grateful for the support i got from him when i still had a radio show on FM Brussels, pointing me in directions i would have never gone by myself.  He opened my ears and mind for countless styles of music, and i remember the twinkling in his eyes each time he said:”I told you, i knew you would like it!”.

It’s with great sadness we have to say goodbye to this wonderful and passionate person, really one of a kind.  My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and friends.


On Friday night Autechre plays at Ancienne Belgique Brussels and it’s no surprise there had to be a party connected to this evening of wicked electronica.  My good friend Sensu and me are invited to play a non-dance floor set, and it’s exactly that what we’re going to do.

Please find us and all the other artists at Bazaar-Brussels, from 11:30 pm until end.

We’ve prepared a mix to give you an idea of what to expect.  It’s available for download on my soundcloud page.  We dedicate this mix to Thierry Berleur, no better way to pay tribute to this man by presenting music we love….

6 Responses to “RIP Thierry Berleur+Sensu & Yves De Mey DJ-set”

  1. Roger Says:

    I’m saddened to hear about Thierry. I lived in Brussels for a year (2002), and discovered Le Bonheur right away. On my first visit, Thierry mistakenly charged me €2100,00 instead of €21,00 for a couple of CDs. In the course of sorting that out, we got acquainted. Whenever I heard something new on Radiocampus Bruxelles, I’d rush in and he’d either have it, or would order it for me.

    I’ve downloaded the mix you dedicated to him, and am listening with fond recollection of time spent in Brussels with a variety of creative souls.

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Roger,

    Thank you for your comment. It’s indeed a big loss, but it’s comforting to know so many people are again united, unfortunately due to a tragic event. But the music lives on…



  3. charlemagne Says:

    So sad to hear about Thierry. What was the tragic event that took his life??

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Charlemagne,

    He suffered from some sort of sudden artery rupture. Tragic….

  5. flip Says:

    As Yves writes: Thierry also pointed me in directions i would have never heard of..
    I discoverd so many wonderfull music (drones) in Le Bonheur. It was Thierry who made the shop so great; Thierry and his music, his obsessions, his pictures, his twinkling eyes, his english, his thoughts on ‘modern life’……

    Hope you find peace.

  6. ini.itu Says:

    what a sad, sad news… i remember entering Le Bonheur in its first location ( near the grand place ) and then moving to rue Dansaert, discovering many bands all along the years… it’s Thierry who turned me into Asmus Tietchens, Fonal and Rosy Parlane, among others… great loss…

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