Eavesdropper+Dirk Serries at Intimate Strangers festival

This Saturday (May 7), i have the honor to team up with Dirk Serries for an improvised concert, combining modular synthesis with slow and dense guitar playing.  I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to invite Dirk for a collaboration, and thanks to the nice peeps at Damaged Goods the magic can/could/might happen.

Dirk Serries has been active for quite some time under different monnikers: vidna Obmana, Fear Falls Burning, Microphonics,… to name but a few.

We’ll open the night at the Vooruit Café, but don’t run away afterwards, because there’s 2 more shows by Hahn Rowe together with Ha-Yang Kim and Scanner together with Jochen Arbeit.

All this is happening at the Intimate Strangers festival curated by Meg Stuart.

For more info about the festival, please go here.

And did i mention that all the concerts are for free!

I hope to see you there.  Once there, buy me a drink.  Cheers.






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