Visual Kitchen & Eavesdropper: Locker 03

Locker 03: 5.1 DVD: January 2005
Commisionned by Galerie Jan D’Haese

Info (taken from the Visual Kitchen website)

The Locker installation series is based on sensory deprivation, claustrophobia and the feeling of being paralyzed by third party circumstances.
What happens to the human perception when a trusted place turns into a confined space and every event or signal triggers the senses in unexpected ways? Sight and hearing, originally tools for survival, become the interpreters of what’s to be avoided. The Locker series gives descriptions based on true-life experiences without pretending to contain solutions.

As one might assume, Locker 03 is the third in a series of installations that deploy the thematic context of claustrophobia and sensory deprivation. Locker 01 was created for a small, darkened cellar in the catacombs of the Brussels Central Station. It used the spectators vaguely captured image, distorted by the modulations of the soundtrack. Locker 02 was a sound installation in a small, photo booth-like, environment, which was commissioned by Z33, a Cultural Centre in Hasselt, Belgium.

Locker 03 was commissioned by ‘Galerie Jan Dhaese’, an art gallery in Ghent, B, to produce a limited edition, functionally wrapped and designed DVD of 50 numbered copies. The 5.1 (Dolby Surround) soundtrack and PAL standard DVD were presented on a home cinema system. To purchase one of the ltd edition DVD’s, feel free to contact the gallery.

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