References Past & Present

Eavesdropper music

Several editions of “De Nachten” (an annual music and litterature happeningin Antwerp) , in collaboration with some flemish writers and a project together with Neotropic and Kaffe Matthews (with my other project  Flash Didact)

Several editions of 10 Days of Techno (Ghent)

A massive amount of live gigs and DJ-sets in Belgium, ranging from the smallest youth club to venues like  “Ancienne Belgique” and “Vooruit”

A small tour in NY, summer ‘99

Compostion “DSP for 300 Lungs” for Anno 02, performed by a 150-member brass band, together with Bart Maris

Contribution to “Clicks’n’Cars” by Foton Records

Performance of “Pole”, a composition by Karlheinz Stockhausen, together with Arne Deforce and Visual Kitchen, production by “Concertgebouw Brugge”

Part of “Labtop”, a electronic music project by Muzieklab Brabant in Holland (with Radboud Mens, Roel Funcken, Felix Knoth, Thomas Koener,…)

Concert at National Theatre – Southbank – London

A collaboration with Riz Maslen/Neotropic for happy New Ears festival Kortrijk

Alpenduetz series at Concertgebouw Brugge with Christian Fennesz, Bernhard Loibner & Michaela Grill, Josh Martin

Time Code Matter: a spatialized audio performance together with Audiostore (Christoph De Boeck) at Concertgebouw Brugge and several other venues

a live composition based on woodwind instruments, together with the Apsara ensemble and Visual Kitchen

“Exploring the Room”, a spatialized music performance by and with Els Viaene, Petersonic and Eavesdropper, together with Mediaruimte Brussels.

“Klimat”, a spatialized music performance by Audiostore/Christoph De Boeck and Eavesdropper, first performed at the Happy New Ears festival.

Time Code Matter II: with Audiostore/Christoph De Boeck: a spatialized music performance where sound is played through 12 metal sheets, suspended in a circle.


The soundtrack for “Belgium strikes back”, a shortfilm by Pieter Van Hees

Sound design for “Technocalypse”, a documentary about transhumanism by Frank Theys

The soundtrack for “Penalty”, also by Pieter Van Hees (with Flash Didact)

The soundtrack for a part of “Bruxelles Mon Amour”, by Kaat Beels amongst others

Doing the score for “Bonanza”, a program by he VPRO (Dutch progressive television)

Score for “Hide and Seek”, a feature length film by Rob Visser & Gerrit Messiaen

Sound design/music for “Up”, a sci-fi shortfilm by Cosmokino

Sound design/music for “The Resistance of Ether” by Alice Evermore

Sound design and some music for “Cologne” by Kaat Beels ( (winner International Film Festival Ghent & Leuven Kort)

Sound design for “A Message from outer space” by Roel Mondelaers and Raf Reyntjes

Sound design + mix for “Medelijden” by Tom Geens

Music + sound design for Satland by Martin Heckman

Music for “Explode” by Jesse De Greef

Music and sound design for “L’Autre” by Cristina Dias

Music for “Candy Darling” by Silvia Defrance

Partner of Sonicville sound & music in Brussels, doing sound design, music and mixing for commercials and film, as well as working for performance and new media.

Sound design for “De Zusjes Kriegel”, a feature length film by Dirk Beliën (premiere: spring 04)

Sound design for “Het Zuiden” by Martin Koolhoven, a co-production between Isabella Film (Holland), Cosmokino (Belgium) and Zentropa (Denmark) (premiere: feb. 04)

Sound design for Ellektra by Rudolf Mestdagh

Additional sound design for “Mobius” by Jonas Govaerts

Part of the sound design for “King of the World” by Guido Hendrickx (Caviar)

Part of the sound design for “Le Cid”

Sound design and mix for FAL by Hans Van Huffel (Caviar)

Sound design and mix for “Mompelaar” by Wim Reygaert and Marc Roels (T42 films)

Music for “Linkeroever” by Pieter Van Hees (Caviar)

Sound design and mix for “Tunnelrat” by Raf Reyntjes

Part of the sound design for “SM-Rechter” (Eric Lamens-Caviar)

Sound design, edit and mix for “A Gentle Creature” by Marc Roels (Epidemic)

Sound design, edit and mix for “Siemiany” by Philip James McGoldrick

Sound design and mix for “Übertijd” by Susan Tanghe

Music for performance

“De Gebeurtenissen”, a breakbeat opera by Jeroen Olyslaegers, Peter Verhelst and Paul Mennes

Writing the score for Aars!, a play by “Het Toneelhuis” – Antwerp.  This play toured through Belgium, Holland, Germany and Denmark.

Writing the score for “Scratching the inner fields”, a dance performance by Wim Vandekeybus – Ultima Vez.  Premiered in Paris on February 27th 2001, and will be touring worldwide during more than one year.

Producing the sound design and music for Icarus –Man-o-War, a live performance by Eric Joris.

Score for “Romeo & Julia” by Jan Sprengers

Live score for the theatre play “Iphigenia” by Het Toneelhuis

Soundtrack/sound installation for “The Fairy Tale Brothel”, an erotic story telling massage by Peter Verhelst

Sound design for “Philoctetes” by Eric Joris

Music and sound design for “Wortel van Glas”, a theatre performance with “Het Paleis” – Antwerp

Contribution to “Tunnel”, a Toneelhuis production

Music for “Scarglitter Retina”, a performance by Iona Kewney and Eavesdropper for the Festival of New Moves –   Glasgow – Scotland

Music for “Accidental Music”, a dance performance by Alice Evermore

Music for “Arnhem’s Diep”: opening dance academy Arnhem

Improvisation for “At the table”, a performance by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods

Music for “The Library”  by Claudio Bernardo/As Palavras

Music for “Stand By” by Antoine Effroy and Anne Rudelbach + Marine Fourniol

Music for “Kumari”  by Dimitri Leue & Pieter Embrechts (Het Paleis)

Music for “La Petite Fille qui Aimait trop les Allumettes” by Inne Goris/Zeven

Music/sound design for “Über” by Sanne Van Rijn (NTG)

Music/sound design for “Zingmond” by Marcel Van Brakel (MuziekLab Brabant – Polymorf Pervers – Theaterfestival Boulevard)

Music for “Droesem” by Inne Goris/Zeven

Sound design for Nocturnes at the Zoo (Antwerp) with Peter Van Hoesen

Music for “Lichtung” by Antoine Effroy and Anne Rudelbach + Catherine Jodoin

Music for “Naar Medeia” by Inne Goris/Zeven

Music for “Armandus” by Dimitri Leue/HetPaleis

Part of the music/Sound concept for “2019 (Droomspel)” by Piet Arfeuille

Music for “Wonderland”: Skagen + HetPaleis

Music for “Nachtevening”: Inne Goris/Zeven + Muziek Lod

Music for “L’assaut des cieux”: Claudio Bernardo/As Palavras


De Standaard newspaper

Belgian Institute for road safety (BIVV)


Music for the “Magic Bob” ‘don’t drink and drive’ campaign


Marcel Broodthaers

Interieur 2000




Brabant leeft met water



Pure FM

Stad Antwerpen


– …..


A very nice collaboration with lady Annemie Maes for an audiovisual installation in the new building housing the Flemish community

Sound installation based on Gameboy music and traditional Japanese instruments for Cultuurcentrum Mechelen

Score for a sound installation for children by Luxemburg, a theatre company in Antwerp

(She-Maj-8)  for Brugge 2002 – cultural capital of Europe

“Locker” for a circuit of sound installations at Central Station Brussels, together with Foton Records

Sound design/installation for Transit and Interieur 2002, both design expo’s.

Low Cut Bell Shape: a sound installation for the Synesthetics exhibition

The Midline Movements: a 2 floor high 8 speaker sound installation at the Domino festival: Ancienne Belgique: Brussels

Kernwasser Wunderland with Anouk Declercq, Joris Cool & Foton Records

Locker 02 for Z 33 – Hasselt

Locker 03 for gallery Jan D’haese – Ghent (available in a limited series on 5.1 DVD)

Homemaker: 5.1 surround sound installation for the Homemaker exhibition at Cultuurcentrum Mechelen

Sound design for “Dwelling” by Alexis Destoop


Producing radioplays for Klara, the Flemish Culture Radio

Hosting a weekly radio show (Core Audio) on FM Brussel, together with Els Viaene, celebrating the coexistence of minimal and maximal music.

Eavesdropper was artist in residence at “Concertgebouw Brugge” during the years 2003-2004-2005

Member of visual collective Visual Kitchen

Together with Christoph De Boeck, he runs STEM, a surround audio label with releases on 5.1 surround DVD.